Like all children, I used to paint with pencils and paper. But who would have thought that my art would one day be bought across Europe?

My fate made me an artist.

After a life-threatening accident, I was a nursing case for a long time. I had to relearn my life. After two years, I felt like a person again for the first time. And so I took a minimum of therapies. Then I was looking at my grief, for which I hardly had time for so long. But this emotion had become completely different, because my body was no longer able to produce tears, therefore I wasn`t able to cry. When I was sad once, I cried. But today it wasn’t like that anymore. I was trying to figure out how I could cry differently. And so I remembered the huge canvas that had been in the basement for many years. I also found three tubes of acrylic paints. I started to gently mix my tears using the colors. When I ran my brush over the canvas, it was like a new beginning. I was able to transform the emotion of sadness through this process and create my own wishes for my life.

My first artwork was a clown grinning broadly. I can understand who is laughing now. For me, the transformation of sadness through the brush was a drawing of my new goals. One of them should be a smile, because I’ve had facial paralysis since the accident. The clown is still in my art studio. Sometimes I look at the clown. Today it stands next to my artworks, which can be seen all over Europe.

I live in a small village with my two wonderful daughters and my husband, near the stars. 

Today I live for art. Because art is my life




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